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The Lord is my shepherd,I shall not be in want

He makes me lie down in green pastures,

he leads me beside quiet waters,he restores my soul.

He guides me in the paths of righteousness

for his name sake

Even though i walk in the valley of the shadow of death,

I will face no evil

for you are with me.

You prepare a table before me

in the presence of my enemies.

You anoint my head with oil;

my cupoverflows.

Surely goodness and love will follow you all the days of my life,

and I will dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life.



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“It is only beacause of our problems that we grow mentally and spiritually.” -M Scott Peck


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This story appeared in one of our newspapers and was posted by Marlon Parker.

Mother’s drug agony ends in Praise

Whenever I see this picture it gives me hope. Hope for every mother or father out there who has a child caught up in drugs or gangs. This is the amazing story by Allida Williams:

As a mother, I always had great expectations and high hopes for Brent, my only son. And almost 9 years ago I was faced with the nightmare that my son was on drugs.

Everyday I would watch Brent visit neighbours, which I naively thought to be innocent and safe. Suddenly his behaviour changed, he became aggressive and withdrew from the family. He frequently asked me for money and became careless about his appearance.

I only accepted the reality once I saw Brent deteriorating before my very eyes. I was forced to accept that my son was addicted to drugs and that help was needed.

This motivated me to do research on drugs and contacted various rehabilitation institutions in order to rid my son from this curse. We were unable to place him in any rehabilitation institutions due to fees being too costly. My state of health weakened as depression overtook me and the hope for my son’s future disappeared.

Brent became involved in gang related activities, lost his job and started selling drugs one after the other. Hallucinations haunted him almost everyday which resulted in him imagining that there were people trying to kill him.

Brent threatened to kill his father and myself on numerous occassions, this was the extent the drugs called TIK controlled him. He lost all respect for his family and the community. I was ashamed of my son. I became fearful and heart sore as I watched my son’s life being destroyed by TIK.

Every night I would cry myself to sleep and I continually blamed myself for his state of mind, a situation in which I was totally helpless. For 8 years Brent had to feed his drug habit, leading to greater harm, fear and pain to us.

One day I found him with cuts on his legs, bleeding and claiming that he accidentally hurt himself. Knowing that he lied, I realized that my son was at breaking point, as he continued to threaten to kill himself. There was absolutely nothing he or I could do to save him from his destructive drug abuse and related activities. I knew that only a miracle could set him free, thus urging him to call out to God.

The very moment he broke down and cried out to the Lord Jesus for help, God sent help his way. A family friend Terrence Hendricks (who belongs to Impact Direct Ministries), told us about a place that could help him. Brent was taken to the Impact Direct Ministries (founded by Pastor Roger Petersen) walk-in-centre where he was counselled and supported. Since then Brent was equipped by Pastor Roger Petersen and other mentors to become a leader himself.

He was sent on several community-based and leadership courses that helped him to plough back into his community. Together with other young men who were also helped by Impact Direct Ministries and under the leadership and guidance of Pastor Roger Petersen: they now go to schools, organizations, companies, clubs and shopping malls where they do presentations and outreaches on drugs and the effects it has on you. Through these outreaches they have helped many drug addicts and families.

I am so grateful to the Lord for giving my son and our family victory over the monstrous affects caused through my son’s past drug addiction. Instead of fear and tears of sorrow, our home is now filled with so much love, peace and a hope of a great future for our family. And this is my prayer for every mother and family.

Brent’s Profile:
Name: Brent Williams
Age: 30 Yrs
Area: Bridgetown, Athlone
Substances: TIK, LSD, Alcohol, Mandrax, Exstacy, Cocaine(Crack)
No. of years: 8 years addicted

Its amazing to see how both Brent and his mom are now engaging with technology using it as a medium to share their stories to give hope to other families.



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“The discreet man conceals his wisdom while fools make public their nonsense.”


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Just over two years ago I began in incredible journey. Here, on this blog I’m going to share part one of my journey with you.

Just over two years ago I wouldn’t have thought or imagined that I would be doing the type of work I’m doing today. Over two years ago when  I was still high on drugs, had I told the guys that one day I was going to be a drug counselor working in our local community, they would have probably told me that, that was the drugs talking and that I was tripping and crazy  from the drugs. The drug I was using, crystal methamphetamine, was making me mentally unstable and I was starting to hallucinate all the time.

I belonged to a notorious gang in the area and got caught up in all sorts of gang activities. I always thought people were out to kill me and felt I couldn’t trust anyone. It got so out of hand that one evening I wanted to stab my parents to death because I thought they were in this “big plot” to kill me. I thought they had ordered people to kill me and I basically wanted to make an example of them. In my mind I wanted to kill them to show the world that no one gets away with messing with me. It came to the point that I actually held my parents hostage for about four hours and all I could think about was killing them. I finally came to my senses and dropped the knife I had been threatening them with all evening. After this incident I realized that I needed serious help to prevent my hurting myself or the people around me.

It didn’t end there, though. I managed to stop for a while but I soon went back to my old habits and found myself in the same mess as before. After loosing everything I had, including my job, I was at the lowest part in my life. I felt that I had, had enough and just wanted to end it. I wanted out. I came home after a drug binge one evening feeling suicidal and told my mom that I was going to kill myself. She told me not to speak that way and that there was still hope for me. She told me that Jesus could set me free and that I should just call out on His name. I told her that I was bad person and that there was nothing that Jesus could do for me.

Because I had nothing to lose, I called out on the name of the Lord and asked Him to help me with my addiction. I told Him that I did not want to live this drugged out life anymore. After doing that I just burst out into tears and felt a heaviness lifting from my shoulders. Ever since calling on the name of Jesus I’ve been drug free. I’ve been clean and drug free for just over two years now and am not looking back.

Now I am a drug counselor and am working for a wonderful organization that works with drug addicts. I saw the need out there with the drug problem and have decided to offer up my life to help others that are going through what I have been through with this evil drug.

Well, there you have it. That’s part one of my journey. Next time, in part two, I will share with you information about the organization I am currently working with and some of the great work we are doing and the lives we are saving. Praise be to God!

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