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Just over two years ago I began in incredible journey. Here, on this blog I’m going to share part one of my journey with you.

Just over two years ago I wouldn’t have thought or imagined that I would be doing the type of work I’m doing today. Over two years ago when  I was still high on drugs, had I told the guys that one day I was going to be a drug counselor working in our local community, they would have probably told me that, that was the drugs talking and that I was tripping and crazy  from the drugs. The drug I was using, crystal methamphetamine, was making me mentally unstable and I was starting to hallucinate all the time.

I belonged to a notorious gang in the area and got caught up in all sorts of gang activities. I always thought people were out to kill me and felt I couldn’t trust anyone. It got so out of hand that one evening I wanted to stab my parents to death because I thought they were in this “big plot” to kill me. I thought they had ordered people to kill me and I basically wanted to make an example of them. In my mind I wanted to kill them to show the world that no one gets away with messing with me. It came to the point that I actually held my parents hostage for about four hours and all I could think about was killing them. I finally came to my senses and dropped the knife I had been threatening them with all evening. After this incident I realized that I needed serious help to prevent my hurting myself or the people around me.

It didn’t end there, though. I managed to stop for a while but I soon went back to my old habits and found myself in the same mess as before. After loosing everything I had, including my job, I was at the lowest part in my life. I felt that I had, had enough and just wanted to end it. I wanted out. I came home after a drug binge one evening feeling suicidal and told my mom that I was going to kill myself. She told me not to speak that way and that there was still hope for me. She told me that Jesus could set me free and that I should just call out on His name. I told her that I was bad person and that there was nothing that Jesus could do for me.

Because I had nothing to lose, I called out on the name of the Lord and asked Him to help me with my addiction. I told Him that I did not want to live this drugged out life anymore. After doing that I just burst out into tears and felt a heaviness lifting from my shoulders. Ever since calling on the name of Jesus I’ve been drug free. I’ve been clean and drug free for just over two years now and am not looking back.

Now I am a drug counselor and am working for a wonderful organization that works with drug addicts. I saw the need out there with the drug problem and have decided to offer up my life to help others that are going through what I have been through with this evil drug.

Well, there you have it. That’s part one of my journey. Next time, in part two, I will share with you information about the organization I am currently working with and some of the great work we are doing and the lives we are saving. Praise be to God!

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§ 53 Responses to PART ONE OF MY JOURNEY

  • SheBee says:

    I am loving your blog, B. You’ve come so far, my friend. You must be so proud of yourself.


    • Brent Williams says:

      Thank you so much my friend.This means a lot coming from you:-)You are on of the people that have really inspired me.Thank you so much

    • Brent Williams says:

      Thank you so much my friend.This means a lot coming from you:-)You are on of the people that have really inspired me.Thank you so much

  • sue says:

    I am in awe of your story and transformation!!! I truly am amazed and so thankful for what GOd has done and you allowed Him to do through you! You are and will reach thousands with your true message of HOPE!!!

    Thanks for allowing GOd to use you in this way and for being such a HUGE blessing to SO MANY!!!!

    Blessings always and forever

    • Brent Williams says:

      Always good to hear from you and the things that God is doing in your life.Thank you for always blessing me and and for all the prayers.God bless you

  • That is a brave story to tell. You are an inspiration to those who are needing help. Way to go!!


    • Brent Williams says:

      i just want to present hope to those who are lost out there.That is why i have started this blog.God and technology has played such an important part in my life and i just want to get my story out there so that people can know that there is a way out for them.God bless and thank you for visiting this blog.Will be checking out your site aswell

  • You are especially courageous and generous to share this story with all of us, Brent; I am sharing it with as many as possible, to show the power of God’s Love, and the strength that can manifest because of it. To go from where you WERE, to where you ARE, is nothing short of miraculous, and incredibly motivating for those who are in the midst of it, and their families who love them. Thank you for your story, Brent…I am anxiously awaiting part two!

    • Brent Williams says:

      Thank you so much for the kind encouraging words Christine.Yes God does love us very much and that is what addicts out there should know.Because when you are addicted to drugs you think that the world is against you and that no one loves you.I thank God for His love and mercy towards me.Thank you for sharing tis story and blog with so many out there.
      God bless

  • StephaniePitts says:

    Congratulations to you Brent for coming so far! It can be very difficult for most of us to change the small things in our lives that need changing, but you have tackled one of the biggest and hardest issues of them all. It takes an extremely brave person to deal with it, and an even braver person to share it with the world. My best wishes to you in the future, and please continue with your story. It may just save the life of more than one person, and it encourages everyone! Bless you!

    • Brent Williams says:

      Thank you so much Stephanie. I thank God for the courage and strength that He has given me to carry on.I will continue to share my story even as you say to just touch one life.I know i am unable to change the whole world,but i am hoping with my story i would at least change someone,s world.Thank you for the encouraging words.

      God bless

  • Michaelkpoh says:


    Amazing story; wonderful. It shows the Power in the name of Jesus. All you did was to say His name out loud.

    The power inherent in faith is intangible. Our challenge as humans is that we are outward-physical oriented. If something is not tangible, we have a hard time believing it.

    God is Real & He does exist. Your story is testimony to the power & goodness of God.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Brent Williams says:

      Hi there Michael.Yes there is power in the name of Jesus.Whoever calls out on the name of the Lord you will be saved.I thank God for the testimony that He has given me.

      I trust God to save all my friends that are caught up in drugs.He is mighty to save and mighty to deliver.

      Thank youy for the kind words and God bless

  • JanSimpson says:

    Very nice post. It takes courage to write your story for healing and even more courage to publish it for all of Earth to see and read.

    My one question is this:

    Even though you feel as if you are on a new journey, I believe you have much more of a story to tell to help those people who believe they are where they are, not in a trap, not happy, just existing and not having the understanding they hold the key to happiness. What will you do with your story to ensure those people hear your story and are inspired to break out of whatever, where ever they currently reside?

    Think about it. Sometimes it is not about technology but about pen and paper. Start a mentoring program, a blog radio, webcast – partner with some community half-way houses, or Drug never know what you can do – until you look back to what you have done. Start your own group, as they say “be the ball”.

    Very nice post.


    • Brent Williams says:

      Yes Jan i agree with you 100%.There is so much more that one can do.In a later post you will see what type of work i am currently doing and w have more projects that we are embarking on to help others out there.Technology is just a tool we are using to reach out to the masses.If you have any ideas that we could use,we will be more than willing to have a look at it and see if we can apply it to the work we are currently doing.THE BLOG RADIO SOUNDS GOOD.Thank you for the encouraging words

      God bless

  • Red says:

    Congrats on turning yourself around. It is true, we all need a higher power when hit bottom. I’m glad you found yours and are continuing on the right road. May you inspire others to turn themselves around too

    • Brent Williams says:

      Thank you so much Red!Yes we all need GOD in our times of weakness.This is a narrow road though and can be very tough at times,but it is well worth it.I t feels good to be drug free and having my relationship with my family again.The bible says:Broad is the road that leads to death and many will find it.But narrow is the road that leads to life and only few will find it.Thank you so much my friend

      God bless

  • Mrs. Henrich says:

    God has given you a testimony that is more potent than any chain that the enemy uses to bind. We need to continually pray, as I’m sure your mother did, that the Holy Spirit will get through in any situation.

    You hold out the key, boldly, because you have been there. You know the prison of drugs, the despair. You also know the WAY out.

    Your parents are amazing! We didn’t have their courage when a family member was struggling with drugs and alcohol. Nothing we said deterred him from his foolishness. Ultimately he passed away from physical ailments caused by alcohol, perhaps the drugs as well.

    I’m so glad God has His hand upon you! Through your mistakes, He built up a testimony that will “hold water” to those who need to understand that He is what they need.

    May God bless you most abundantly in your life and ministry.

    • Brent Williams says:

      Hi there Mrs.Henrich.I thank God for praying parents.I was also foolish and did not want to listen to what my parents had to say.But God had other plans for me.Continue to pray for him as i will also be praying for him.There is no escape from “The Hound of Heaven”,the Holy Spirit.

      Thank you for the kind words and encouragement.

      God bless

  • Brent, Thank you for sharing your story. The power of He who created the universe is very inspiring, especially when someone like yourself attests to not only His power but His concern and care for those He created. Og Mandino once said,” Why have you counted yourself worth pennies, when in fact you are worth a king’s ransom?” If only more of us would realize what we mean to Him.

    Your story is a testament to what we mean to Him, and Thank You for giving Him the credit and glory and your sharing is an inspiration to all those who hear it. May you continue in your gifted work.

    God Bless,

    • Brent Williams says:

      Hi there Warren.I have to give the King all the glory because i now that when i was trying to do it on my own strength nothing worked.But when i gave Jesus a chance i was set free immediately.

      Thank you for sowing into my life and for the encouragement

      God bless

  • Dear Brent,

    Thank you for sharing your story.

    I believe that those who overcome the greatest struggle are those who have the greatest to give, and you are a powerful example of that. From the depths of your addiction and the anger that raged within you to such a degree that you held your family hostage to now being one who serves others struggling with addiction, you are a testament to the power of prayer, to the power of the human spirit, and to the power that resides within you, the power of love.

    With many blessings,


    • Brent Williams says:

      Thank you so much Karl for the kind and encouraging words my friend.I am so blessed to be a testimony for Jesus Christ.

      Thank you so much for the encouraging words

      God bless

  • Your story is a great power of example to me and others. By sharing your experience, strength and hope, Brent, you will help others get on and maintain their own path of recovery from enslavement to drugs and alcohol. Yours is a tale of coming home to yourself – that’s a journey that others can take, whether they are addicted or not. So thank you for your heartfelt words and message. And as long as you are giving away your abundant spirit, you will keep it and keep it growing. That’s the paradox of recovery, in my experience – the more I share my journey with others, the more I am affirmed and supported in my own path. One day at a time, we can do anything and everything. Thanks again for sharing a powerful message.

    • Brent Williams says:

      Hi there Julie.Yes God has gave me a testimony,but it is not for me,but others out there like you said.I would like to hear your story one day and to what God has done in your email address is and if would like to share you can send it to me there.

      God bless

  • Hi Brent:

    Congratulations on having come so far. As someone who did the dance with drugs and alcohol I understand the slippery slope and how hard it is to claw your way up from it. You are a blessing to all who meet you. Through their graces and yours, many will continue on to productive lives.

    Wishing you all the very best

    • Brent Williams says:

      Hi there Jacqueline.Thank you so much for the kind words.I need Jesus every day in my life in order for not to slip again.I am totally dependent on Him.

      Thank you for the kind words and God bless

  • Keith Campbell, FL says:

    What an inspiring story. I know well the hardships that come along with the struggle of addiction. Your story serves as an example to all that even in the worst of circumstances, opportunities exist that can change and enrich our lives while at the same time help others.You stand in a good spot as a counselor, as you’ve seen addiction now on both sides. It appears to me God gave you a challenge–You went through something very difficult to better serve and have come out on top…amazing how God works if only we listen .I commend you for your strength , courage and dedication in helping others overcome a disease so many misunderstand.

    • Brent Williams says:

      Thank you so much Keith.Yes i had to go through what i went through to help others that are struggling out there.My heart really goes out to those still trapped in addiction out there.

      God bless and thank you for the encouraging words

  • Thank you for sharing your story. It is amazing what you’ve accomplished and I think that your helping others get out of a similar situation is the greatest gift of all. I look forward to reading more of your story.


    • Brent Williams says:

      thank you so much for the kind words.God has allowed me to be tested so i can have a testimony and to tell others that there is hope out there.You guys really bless me and make me realize that i am on the right road.

      God bless

  • Jack says:


    That is a wonderful story and I know it took a lot for you to do what you did, but it’s an inspiration to all to know that “they too” can turn their life around and to “never give up”!

    I faced the same thing in dealing with Panic Attacks & Anxiety and started a Support Group for people who suffer from the same thing! I wish I had the money to go back to school and become a counselor, perhaps I will because there is no greater joy than to see someones life turn around 360 degrees and you had a part in it! I hope others learn from you and follow in your footsteps! I’m now following you on Twitter!

    God Bless!!


  • This is an amazing testimony to the power of Surrender. Wishing you continued strength on the journey of recovery and mystery that you are sharing with others.

    • Brent Williams says:

      Thank you so much.That is exactly what is was and is;SURRENDER.I had to surrender myself totally to God.The drug addiction was out of my control and i had to let God in to intervene.

      God bless you and thank you for the encouraging words

  • BonnieBrown says:

    Thank you for sharing your story, Brent. Your faith and acts of service are an inspiration to us all! 🙂

    • Brent Williams says:

      It is my pleasure Bonnie.Faith has played a major role in my journey.I have to trust God in everything i do.Thank you so much Bonnie

      God bless

  • Kelly says:

    Brent – I amazed at your strength. So many of us go through much less than you have and still manage to ignore what we need to do to make our lives better. Your encouragement to others is a testiment to your personal integrity and your desire to live your life to the fullest. God Bless!

  • When we choose the road to walk down in life, we may sometimes come to a fork in the road and go the wrong way. You found yourself on the wrong road Brent and with the help of your family and the Lord you drew upon your courage to turn around and return to that fork in the road.

    You are but one. But you are one of the special chosen. For when you turned around you chose not to turn around by yourself and leave others behind. This will be your greatest reward. To lead others back to that fork in the road.

    I applaud your journey and where it will lead you and others.

    Share your journey with pride and share it widely.

    Bob Williamson

    • Brent Williams says:

      Hi there Robert.Thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement.This a narrow road that i am walking on.The bible says that;Broad is the road and wide is the gate that leads to destruction and many will find it.But narrow is the road and small is the gate that leads to life and only a few will find it

      God bless

  • Michele says:

    Brent, I read your post referred to me by SCI Coach. You have overcome an indredible feat that is so admired. So much for you to be proud of and the work you’re doing goes beyond approach. Bravo and best to you in loving life and with Jesus behind you! Your sharing is very inspirational 🙂 ~ Michele

    • Brent Williams says:

      Thank you so much Michele.This is the least that i can do to give back to the community i once dis empowered.God has given me this testimony to share with others out there.THANK YOU FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT AND GOD BLESS

  • Brent,

    It took incredible courage to write what you did regarding your journey so far. You are an inspiration to all of us.

    Thank you for reminding me that no matter what life throws at me if I “let go and let God” the correct path will be revealed.

    I look forward to reading more as you progress on the path you are now traveling.


    • Brent Williams says:

      Hi there Micki.Yes God allowed me to go through what i went through to share with many out there.I thank God the memories of the past do not have a stronghold on me and therefore i am able to share my story.I give God all the praise and honor for what He is doing in and through my life.

      God bless

  • Rob says:

    Nice story. I am very happy for you that you’ve taken a powerful and positive step. I often wonder how the world would look if more people took advantage of the power within them and around them, the way you have. Perhaps one day a ‘notorious gang’ will be an ‘amazing gang’ – accomplishing incredible things with your help and guidance!!

    • Brent Williams says:

      Thank you so much Rob.My prayer is that one day a powerful gang of ex addicts will rise up and take the stand against drugs out there.

      God bless and thank you for the kind words.

  • Lisa says:

    WOW keep on keeping
    Thanks for sharing the first part of your story and being a Beacon of Light.
    I managed a womens recovery house in CA for nine months it was my way of giving back

    • Brent Williams says:

      Wow Lisa i just want commend you on the great work that you are doing.It must have been challenging working at the half way house?But you stuck in there and helped so many others.God bless

      I love sharing what Jesus Christ have done in my life .There are so many others out there that need to hear what Jesus can do for them.

      Keep up the good work

  • dcr says:

    Congratulations on your life change. You are very courageous, too, for sharing your story and using it to help others. I am sure that you will be a great inspiration to those who are now where you once were, and will be of great encouragement to help them turn their lives around. Best of luck on your continuing journey!

    • Brent Williams says:

      Thank you so much for the well wishes.I have come along way and i know that if God can do it for me He can do it for so many others out there.Thank you once again for the well wishes

  • Rick London says:

    Brave smart woman with well-written story. You walked thru hell and are here to tell the story.

  • pegkd says:

    Congratulations on step one of this sharing process. It’s amazing what can happen when we choose to share our burdens with a spirit and power greater than just us.

    Trust is a lesson we’re collectively learning on this planet and you are poised to teach hundreds – if not thousands or millions of those struggling with addictions to begin to TRUST. Not only their inner value, but the power of the collective – the God force that is in each of us.

    Much strength for your journey, dear Brent.


    • Brent Williams says:

      Wow!.Thank you so much for the kind words.

      I will share my story till the day i die as i know that there are many out there that needs to hear it.Its is an honour to share what Jesus Christ had done in my life.


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