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When getting off of drugs I needed all the help and support I could get. I had to break away from the old friends and  the gang I had been hanging out with. The vicious cycle of using drugs had to be broken.

I was introduced to an organization in my community that is literally a three minute walk from where I live. This organization is Impact Direct Ministries, a non-profit community based organization established in 2001. The ministry is based in South Africa with the main operational base in Cape Town. For many years its members have been impacting various communities through a variety of outreach programs both locally and globally. To date IDM has formed partnerships all across South Africa and other parts of the continent as well as in the United States and the United Kingdom. This giving and life changing organization was formed and is operating under the banner of the Cape Town Christian Fellowship, the church to which my mom belongs.

My mom made an appointment for me with Pastor Roger Petersen,the CEO Of Impact Direct Ministries. When first walking into the Centre I initially thought people were going to judge me and would think poorly of me, believing that I was not worthy of help because I was a drug addict. Man was I wrong. The love and acceptance I felt combined with the compassion everyone showed me was so overwhelming.  I actually considered that it was an act and might be a trick. I saw no way people be so caring and loving towards someone they dont know. They made me feel welcome and I felt a sense of belonging, something that I was looking for whilst on drugs and caught up in the gang world. I went to the centre on a daily basis and was mentored and encouraged by Pastor Roger as he became like a dad to me.

Throughout my recovery I continued to visit the Impact Centre regularly and soon realized that there was such a great need out there for the services they provided. So many people needed help with their drug problems. It was at that point that I made the decision that I was going to dedicate my life to helping others who were in a similar situation to the one I had been in. I knew that God had given me a testimony, but it was not for myself, but for countless others out there in need of help. To be in a position to bring hope to the hopeless Pastor Roger sent me to various trainings and workshops to equip me to fulfill my mission.

I am now proudly one of the counselors at the Impact Centre and currently running a daily drug program for other addicts that come in for help. I am so greatful to God that He is using me in this way. I cant see myself doing anything else. I just want to help and be there for people in need in much the same way as the people at Impact Direct Ministries were there for me. Not only did God set me free from drugs, He also placed awesome, loving people in my life to support me and walk alongside me. It is so important to have support and someone to talk to when   facing problems and personal storms. I’ve been given those people and I give Jesus all the glory and praise for what he has done in and through my life.

Throughout this blog I will be updating and sharing my day to day life at the Impact Centre. It’s my intention to share with you both the joys and trials that we face daily. As I continue to share my journey with you it is my hope that you’ll be inspired by it and that it will help you better realize that there is both help and hope for anyone in need.

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