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All the spiritual writings of the ages make us aware that it is more blessed to give than to receive and yet many hold on to their time, talents, knowledge and money as if it were a lifeline. The irony of that thinking lies in the fact (yes, I said FACT) that until you give, you cannot get. Furthermore, if you give only in the hope of getting you may just as well not have given because you will not receive.

If all this sounds a bit esoteric for you, you have some research to do. If you study the givers of the world you will find that while they may not live in the mansion on the hill, they are living a life of abundance and want for nothing…including peace of mind, happiness and joy. Life is not about what we have it is about what we give.

There is nothing wrong with wealth. We all know that having money enables those who have it to contribute greatly to all of mankind. You may never have the wealth of Warren Buffett or Bill Gates, but then again you may. Each of them made their money by doing something they truly loved doing, found a way to get paid for it and used it to serve their fellow man.

Modern society has grown to judge people by their financial status and outward appearances and as a result many strive to become wealthy in order to be looked up to and admired and/or to have things that will be admired. In the quest for financial gain it is easy to loose track of all that is really important in life.

If you think or dream about being wealthy, you have it in you to become wealthy or wealthier as the case may be. Be aware, however, that wealth for the mere sake of being wealthy is empty and leads you down the long road to nowhere. Seek instead success in something you truly love doing, find a way to be paid for it and above all use it to serve your fellow man.

I know for a fact that until you share whatever it is you have to give, whether it is time, talent, knowledge and/or money, there is no room for more to come into your life.

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  • Dawn says:

    Beautifully inspirational post! I *will* read Brent’s journey. This made me think (especially your last line, about ‘time, talent, knowledge and/or money.) Lately I have been giving very freely with both my money and my *things*but have been downright miserly with my time. Which means… I have “enough” money, stuff (good, nice stuff!) is starting to pile up around me, but I always feel pressed for time. 🙂 Who would have imagined? LOL

    So I will start by making time to read Brent’s Journey, which has been on my to-do list since this blog launched. 🙂 Besides, I don’t think you’d steer me wrong. Coffee W/ Tracey was awesome!

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