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Part V of Brent’s Journey

Where we left off last week was at the special service that took place during our missionary trip to take the word down to Idutywa in the Eastern Cape.

People started to come forward as the power of God was moving throughout that service and as they came, we prayed for them. We saw people healed and lots of people were saved from their past by the grace of God. Praise God! It was just amazing. The service went on for about four hours and naturally everyone was high in the Spirit.

The following day was Saturday. In the morning we had breakfast and then took about an hour to prepare for the morning service. The day was structured so we could squeeze in four services for the day. We knew we had a long day ahead of us and we were looking forward to every wonderful minute of it. The services would give us yet more opportunities to make a difference in the lives of many.

Early in the morning service they called me up to share my testimony. I had a person with me to translate my message as I spoke. Not all those present spoke or understood English and we wanted to be sure that everyone could benefit from the lessons to be learned from what has come to be known as Brent’s Journey…my journey.

As I spoke of my past I had a flashback to a time when I was someone I can no longer recognize…a thug and a drug dealer, a person filled with hatred for my fellow man…and especially myself. I was confused and obviously, now as I look back, certainly not in control of my own mind. Little did I know at the time that all I had to do was turn my life over to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and the pain and misery would have ended.


This flashback took me back to an occasion when I was hanging out at one of our drug dens, a place we were selling our drugs from. One really crazy gang member, someone I knew personally, came storming in all hysterical and told us that there were rival gang members that wanted to fight him and had told him they were going to kill him. We were busy doing drugs but when he hollered for us to get out our firearms he got our attention. His intention, is seemed, was to kill them before they could kill us. I knew that was exactly what we were going to do. I took another hit of the drugs for confidence before we went out to do battle to the end.

This crazy guy saw me grabbing one last hit and went off on me. He asked me if the drugs were more important than him and then he got this all too familiar look in his eyes. He always had this look when he did something horrific to people. The next thing I knew he shoved a gun down my throat and said that he was going to blow my brains out because I made the drugs more important than his situation. He pistol whipped me across my mouth and my top lip immediately tripled in size. I knew this guy and knew what he was capable of because I had witnessed some horrific things he had done to others. I had witnessed him stabbing one guy in the neck and blood going everywhere. He also shot another guy through his leg and then drove him off to the hospital. I knew what evil this guy was capable of and was both scared and confused about what he was going to do next.

He then suddenly apologized for what he had done and handed me the firearm. He told me that I was to pistol whip his face to make up for the harm that he had done to me. I was totally freaked out and at first refused to do what he said as I was afraid that if I hit him across the face he was really going to shoot me. He told me that if I refused to pistol whip his face he was going to shoot me. So I was standing there not knowing what to do. I knew the possibility existed that this guy could shoot me no matter what I did.  I thought to myself that if he was going to shoot me then at least I could get a shot in. So I took the gun and whipped him across the face with it just as he told me to do. I was waiting for him to retaliate and shoot me, but instead he laughed. We ended up smoking drugs together for the rest of the evening, each of us with a thick lip.

As I recalled that part of my life I asked, “Dear God, how did I ever get to such a place in life?” (if you can really call the existence I was part of, living a life). With just the thought of God and how he saved my life, my mind snapped back to the fact it was time to give my testimony…and a powerful testimony it was. I was grateful for the opportunity to let people know that just as God saved me from a life of drugs and crime and brought me to my calling as a dedicated Christian Missionary and Drug Counselor…He would do the same for everyone who calls on His name asking for salvation.

As the journey continues I will share more with you more about both the gangster culture and my walk with God.

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