MENS CAMP:The Welcoming (First night of camp)

June 29, 2009 § Leave a comment

We arrived at camp-site about 5pm the Friday evening. It was a beautiful setting and you could just feel the calmness in the atmosphere as we pulled into the driveway and entrance to the camp-site. Camp-site was literally a few minutes walk from the beach. You could smell the sea water and and the fresh sea air. It was cold though considering that it was the heart of winter in Cape Town ,South Africa.

There was however no time to go out to the ocean at that stage as there was lots to be done. We had to immediately set up as the participants of this camp was soon to arrive. We had to pack the hall,check if the rooms were clean and take care of all the necessary logistics before the MEN arrived. After everything was checked , we were ready for the arrival of the men.

We had an agreement at prior meeting that there will be no cellphones or electronic devices allowed on this camp as we did not want them seeing how late or early it was and also so that they would not be distracted by phone-calls or anything else from the outside world. We needed their full , undivided attention throughout this weekend. One of my duties to the start off this camp was to do the registration and to collect and “confiscate” (put in safe keeping) any electronic devices that they had on and with them. I also had to “confiscate” all there luxuries that they had with them. The reason for taking all the luxuries from them is that there were some men that were not fortunate enough to bring along luxuries and we were going to share the loot with the everyone at some stage of the camp. Some of the guys were not to happy but that was the rules and they had to stick to it.

After registration it was time to show the men to there rooms and there were M.O.S (Men Of Service) allocated to each group of men. The MOS carried each one of the mens luggage to their rooms for them

and basically saw to their every need. The men returned to the main hall for coffee and biscuits and bit of fellowship and then it was time to move into the the allocated space where all the processes were to take place. In this space nobody was to have their shoes on and that was just a symbol to show that this was a place of respect and that all were to respect each other while the process continued. There was also a bowl to wash your hands as you entered this allocated space. As we moved to this particular area in the building the process began….

In my next blog post I will share with you the powerful processes that took place during the camp.

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