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social media for teens team by you.
Brent with the teens in a session by you.

Up until the beginning of last year I was unable to operate a computer.It must have been the most scariest thing for me to do.As I was growing up all that I could think of was getting high and did not have an interest in furthering my education.Learning how to use a computer was at the bottom of my to do list.

All of that  changed when Marlon Parker,an IT lecturer at C.P.U.T stepped out of his comfort zone ,to teach ex drug addicts and ex gangsters how to use computers.Most of us that attended these classes has never used a computer before.He came with a different approach though.He used what he calls,”an undisciplined” way of teaching us how to operate and use these machines.He started off by teaching us some things about Social Media like ,how to set up a gmail account,how to create a blog etc.In that we learnt how to use word and to basically operate a computer (pc).It was the most awesome manner in which to learn how to use a pc.I want to thank Marlon Parker for stepping out of his comfort zone and teaching drug addicts and ex gangsters what he did.

So now with what we have learnt we want to give back to the community we once disempwered.We now teach our moms from the area,the same moms we once robbed and terrorized , how to use Social Media.We have cafe sessions with them every second Friday and we teach them all about Social Media.They have their own blog called Mom 2.0 and are connecting with other moms all over the world.At one of the Mom 2.0 cafe sessions one of the moms brought her young daughter along as there was no babysitter to watch her.That is when Craig Ross got the vision to start the Social Media for Teens class.

These are teens that are at risk of going into gangsterism and drugs.When i was growing up there were hardly any positive role models in my life.That is what we want to be to  these kids;we want to be positive role models in their lives.At our first session we had lovely young people that attended.They were aged 10-16 years old.We had a very good session and set all of them up with gmail accounts.They are not just going to need these gmail accounts to send emails to loved ones but also to use it to register on the blog we are going to create for them.We are also hoping that they will take what they learn from us and empower other young people out there.I am so looking forward to see what the outcome of this project is going to be.Thank you Craig Ross for being obedient to the vision that God has given you.I am looking forward to our next session with the young people.I will be keeping you all updated as to what is happening in this project.

Thank you Jesus that you are able to use us to reach out to these young people.The same young people that we could have so easily have introduced to drugs.Things could have been so different.


The Day I Went To Pollsmoor Prison

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On Saturday (18th July) we went to the notorious Pollsmoor Prison to go and do a program with the inmates there. Pollsmoor Prison, is a prison in the Cape Town suburb of Tokai in South Africa. Nelson Mandela was the most famous inmate of the prison. He describes Pollsmoor Prison as “the truth of Oscar Wilde’s haunting line about the tent of blue that prisoners call Pollsmoorthe sky.”

Pollsmoor is a maximum security prison with little means in the way of escape. Some of South Africa‘s most dangerous criminals and roughest gangsters are held in Pollsmoor Prison. The prison has a staff of 1,278 and the capacity to accommodate 4,336 offenders, but the current inmate population is over 7,000 (a figure which fluctuates daily).

On our arrival John Palm ,who does the prison ministry at Pollsmoor Prison,welcomed us and signed us in so that we could get a our guest passes. I so much wanted to take pics of the prison inside but we had to hand in our cellphones as visitors were not allowed to have cellphones within the prison walls. Bradley Naidoo , Pete Douglas and myself was assigned to do this program. As we made our way to the cells, one could constantly hear the inmates shouting out of the cell windows. As we entered the cell I saw a guy lying under a broken window,in his bed and it was freezing cold in the cell. These are just one of the poor conditions the inmates have to live under.

We were given a cell with 50 inmates. The inmates gathered round as we prepared to start. Bradley did the welcome and then handed it over to me. I shared my testimony with them and told them what an awesome work God has done in my life and that I so easily could have ended up where they now find themselves. After me Bradley shared his story and spoke about belonging. He explained how we all were created and designed with a deep sense of belonging and some of us end up looking for it in the wrong places (eg gangsterism,drugs etc). Bradley also told them that we all belong to Jesus Christ. After Bradley, Pete shared with them about the love of Christ and that no matter what they have done,that Christ will always love them and will forgive them.

After sharing and having in depth talks with the inmates,it was time to do what we actually came to do…pray for the inmates. We made an alter call and asked if there was anybody that wanted prayer. All of the 50 inmates responded and we got to pray fro each one of them. The power and the love of God touched them and the inmates were slained in the Spirit and there was lots of tears that was shed. After praying for them we asked how many of them would like to commit their lives to Christ. Fourteen of the inmates committed their lives to Christ that Saturday morning. Praise God!!John Palm the minister that does the prison ministry will be doing follow up with them.

I can just thank God that He came to save me when He did. I could have so easily ended up within the walls of of Pollsmoor Prison,but under very different circumstances. I have done so many bad things in my life, and can just thank God for His mercy and His Grace upon my life. I thank God He has called me to do work such as this and winning souls over for His Kingdom with the testimony He has given me.

Drug Addicts Set Free Through 12 Hours Of Sacrifice

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I was set from drugs and gave my heart to Christ.I knew that if Christ could this for me ,He could do it for my other friends that was caught up on drugs. My mentor (Terence Hendricks ) and myself would pray and intercede for them on a daily basis.

On the 07/07/07 (a Saturday) something significant was birthed. We had a twelve hour prayer at the Impact Centre. It is were people from the area and church come to pray for peoples Salvation and for loved ones that have sicknesses and that are still in bondage. We have sheets of paper out so that people can put down there prayer request. There are constantly people praying over these names for 12 )consecutive hours . I put the names of four of my friends on the list :Clinton Liederman ( @Clinton316 ) , Jerome Mias (@Chromie ) , Craig Ross (@craigross316 ), Monique Theron (@metheron14 ) , and next to their names I put – “Deliverance from drugs “.

The 12 hour prayer was so blessed and I could feel that God was going to do something awesome. In closing to the 12 hour prayer ,my pastor (Pastor Roger Petersen ) had Bradley Naidoo ( @Godsgeneral) ,Nazier , John , and myself stand in front and they prayed over us. He said that If God could set us, the worst of the worst free from drugs ,then he could do it for anyone. That was the closing prayer.

On the Tuesday, the 10/07/07 , Bradley and myself invited the guys whose names was on the list to the Impact Centre to have a talk with them. They were sceptical at first and constantly asked what the meeting was going to be about. We assured them that we only wanted to have a chat with them. Prior to us picking them up they were putting money together to go and buy drugs after the meeting. However God had other plans for them.

We picked them up and brought them to the Impact Centre. They were seven in all that came that evening,five guys and two girls. Pastor Roger had a lovely talk with them, nothing to hectic , no bible bashing. He told them about his past, how he was also caught up in gangsterism and that he had started out the American gang in the area,the same gang that we belonged to. He told them that drugs was nothing for God. He told them that they could be set free in an instant if they allowed God to work in their lives. So he asked them if it was alright for us to pray for them. We laid hands on them and they were touched by the power of God and they felt his tangible touch and knew that He was real. They were set free immediately,instantly that evening. We ended up buying cake from the money that was initially collected and intended to buy drugs from.

Over the weekend these same men and women celebrated two years being clean from drugs and most importantly , two years that they have been with Christ. These same men and women planned and organized another 12 hour prayer over the weekend to pray for others out there just like we had done for them. Our prayer was the same this time round:”If God could set these men and women free from drugs ,He could do it for anyone.”

I see these men and women grow spiritually on a daily basis. I see the great work that God is doing in their lives and how He is raising them up. So that evening they got saved was not by chance, God had a purpose and a plan for their lives. People sacrificed 12 hours of their time to pray for others and now we see the fruits of that.

Continue to pray fro your loved ones and know that God will come through for you. For you and your house,you will serve the Lord.

MENS CAMP:First night of camp.(Opening of Circle)

July 6, 2009 § 2 Comments

Earl Erasmus (one of the facilitators) opened the camp and circle with a motivating speech and had two MOS (Men of service) service carry a big mirror around the room and have the men look in it as the mirror circulated the room. He also had two of the MOS do a demonstration as they washed their faces in two basins,one either side of the room.He wanted them to look at themselves and know that they are beautiful and know that they are worthy of being men.

Next up was one of the other facilitators ,pastor Roger Petersen. He did and inspirational talk about how,what we speak affects the atmosphere. He gave everyone in the circle the opportunity to speak something good into the atmosphere. He explained that what they spoke out would change the atmosphere. This was also an opportunity as a man to speak something good into the atmosphere.

Here are some of the things the men spoke in the atmosphere:

-”I pray that we will follow Jesus.”

-”We are not going to leave this place the same.”

-”I accept and love everyone present”

-”God has called us to unite because the harvest is ready.”

-”When I leave here I will be different. When we leave here we should have that true love for one another that Christ have for us.”

One of the guys said that men do not tell each other enough that they love each other. He walked up to one of the men,looked him in the eye and told him:”I love you my brother”, and gave him a hug. Thereafter men was going up to one another and telling each other :”I love you my brother.”There was lots of tears that was shed and just a lovely moment everyone was embracing. In our society it you would be seen as a homosexual when telling another man that you love him. In this setting men could openly express their feelings as thy understood that it was the love of God that they were sharing with each other.

After that each man had to light a candle,that represented life. It was 3.00am at this point and we had to let the men get some rest. The candles burnt throughout the early hours of the morning. It was time for me to get some sleep too as I was to be up again in the next two hours. It was just awesome to have seen how men could express themselves and not be afraid of showing their emotions and sharing their hearts.

Stay tuned for what transpired on the Saturday….

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