MENS CAMP:First night of camp.(Opening of Circle)

July 6, 2009 § 2 Comments

Earl Erasmus (one of the facilitators) opened the camp and circle with a motivating speech and had two MOS (Men of service) service carry a big mirror around the room and have the men look in it as the mirror circulated the room. He also had two of the MOS do a demonstration as they washed their faces in two basins,one either side of the room.He wanted them to look at themselves and know that they are beautiful and know that they are worthy of being men.

Next up was one of the other facilitators ,pastor Roger Petersen. He did and inspirational talk about how,what we speak affects the atmosphere. He gave everyone in the circle the opportunity to speak something good into the atmosphere. He explained that what they spoke out would change the atmosphere. This was also an opportunity as a man to speak something good into the atmosphere.

Here are some of the things the men spoke in the atmosphere:

-”I pray that we will follow Jesus.”

-”We are not going to leave this place the same.”

-”I accept and love everyone present”

-”God has called us to unite because the harvest is ready.”

-”When I leave here I will be different. When we leave here we should have that true love for one another that Christ have for us.”

One of the guys said that men do not tell each other enough that they love each other. He walked up to one of the men,looked him in the eye and told him:”I love you my brother”, and gave him a hug. Thereafter men was going up to one another and telling each other :”I love you my brother.”There was lots of tears that was shed and just a lovely moment everyone was embracing. In our society it you would be seen as a homosexual when telling another man that you love him. In this setting men could openly express their feelings as thy understood that it was the love of God that they were sharing with each other.

After that each man had to light a candle,that represented life. It was 3.00am at this point and we had to let the men get some rest. The candles burnt throughout the early hours of the morning. It was time for me to get some sleep too as I was to be up again in the next two hours. It was just awesome to have seen how men could express themselves and not be afraid of showing their emotions and sharing their hearts.

Stay tuned for what transpired on the Saturday….

§ 2 Responses to MENS CAMP:First night of camp.(Opening of Circle)

  • raegoedeman says:

    Brent this spiritual escapades should be published into a novel coz bro its tough to wait 4 the next episodes.This is real live coverage unlike soapies.Goodwork Brent.God bless

  • Brent Williams says:

    Thank you so much aunty Rae.Thank you for keeping on encouraging me.I really appreciate it and i will someday.For now i am learning.God bless and you are greatly missed her at the centre

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