Drug Addicts Set Free Through 12 Hours Of Sacrifice

July 13, 2009 § Leave a comment

I was set from drugs and gave my heart to Christ.I knew that if Christ could this for me ,He could do it for my other friends that was caught up on drugs. My mentor (Terence Hendricks ) and myself would pray and intercede for them on a daily basis.

On the 07/07/07 (a Saturday) something significant was birthed. We had a twelve hour prayer at the Impact Centre. It is were people from the area and church come to pray for peoples Salvation and for loved ones that have sicknesses and that are still in bondage. We have sheets of paper out so that people can put down there prayer request. There are constantly people praying over these names for 12 )consecutive hours . I put the names of four of my friends on the list :Clinton Liederman ( @Clinton316 ) , Jerome Mias (@Chromie ) , Craig Ross (@craigross316 ), Monique Theron (@metheron14 ) , and next to their names I put – “Deliverance from drugs “.

The 12 hour prayer was so blessed and I could feel that God was going to do something awesome. In closing to the 12 hour prayer ,my pastor (Pastor Roger Petersen ) had Bradley Naidoo ( @Godsgeneral) ,Nazier , John , and myself stand in front and they prayed over us. He said that If God could set us, the worst of the worst free from drugs ,then he could do it for anyone. That was the closing prayer.

On the Tuesday, the 10/07/07 , Bradley and myself invited the guys whose names was on the list to the Impact Centre to have a talk with them. They were sceptical at first and constantly asked what the meeting was going to be about. We assured them that we only wanted to have a chat with them. Prior to us picking them up they were putting money together to go and buy drugs after the meeting. However God had other plans for them.

We picked them up and brought them to the Impact Centre. They were seven in all that came that evening,five guys and two girls. Pastor Roger had a lovely talk with them, nothing to hectic , no bible bashing. He told them about his past, how he was also caught up in gangsterism and that he had started out the American gang in the area,the same gang that we belonged to. He told them that drugs was nothing for God. He told them that they could be set free in an instant if they allowed God to work in their lives. So he asked them if it was alright for us to pray for them. We laid hands on them and they were touched by the power of God and they felt his tangible touch and knew that He was real. They were set free immediately,instantly that evening. We ended up buying cake from the money that was initially collected and intended to buy drugs from.

Over the weekend these same men and women celebrated two years being clean from drugs and most importantly , two years that they have been with Christ. These same men and women planned and organized another 12 hour prayer over the weekend to pray for others out there just like we had done for them. Our prayer was the same this time round:”If God could set these men and women free from drugs ,He could do it for anyone.”

I see these men and women grow spiritually on a daily basis. I see the great work that God is doing in their lives and how He is raising them up. So that evening they got saved was not by chance, God had a purpose and a plan for their lives. People sacrificed 12 hours of their time to pray for others and now we see the fruits of that.

Continue to pray fro your loved ones and know that God will come through for you. For you and your house,you will serve the Lord.

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