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On this past Friday Bradley Naidoo, one of my colleagues, suggested that we take the new men in our program on an excursion to Table Mountain. The purpose of this excursion was to get them away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It was a beautiful day with not a cloud in the sky and no wind blowing. It was hot but enjoyable under the big blue, open sky. City life can keep one constantly busy and surrounded by the constant buzz of the city. In the mountains it is just you, God and His beautiful creations.

The idea of this trek to the mountain was to give them an opportunity to reflect and think about the life journey on which they have embarked. These men, like me, are former drug addicts. They have, however, been clean and drug free for a month now and this is the point at which job one for us is to facilitate their staying clean.


On our arrival at the foot of the mountain we unpacked the van and started up the mountain. We all enjoyed the beautiful day and basked in its beauty and calmness. One could not help but admire the beauty of God’s creations. The fresh water stream flowing down from the mountain all along the trial added to this picture perfect day.


Once we reached our destination the new men in the program were requested to go off alone and find a spot where they could sit quietly, reflect, pray and ask God for guidance. Those of us working with these men found our quiet spaces and did our own praying and reflecting. The time allotted for this was a half hour and at the end of that time they came back to us with feedback.


In my quiet time I reflected and prayed over the city, our city which is located at the foot of Table Mountain. I asked God that He bestow the same peace and grace upon the city, every youth in the city and our new recruits that He has so abundantly brought to both Bradley’s life and mine. Hearing the rush of the stream behind me, I glanced back and saw the stream flowing from the mountain top. It appeared almost as if it were flowing into the city. In that wonderful, peaceful moment it seemed to me as if the water was flowing from the throne of God. As I observed the stream my thoughts went to those words in my NIV Bible, John 7:37 that speak about streams of living water. There was no doubt in my mind that this was God’s way of telling me that this living water will flow into our city and bring healing wherever needed. This thought filled me with gratitude.


After the time of reflection and prayer the feedback from the new men in the program was most gratifying. Furthermore when it was time to leave the mountain, they did not want to go. .I fully understood their not wanting to leave because I’ve experienced that very thing. I know from my personal experience that when one finally gives up drug addiction and gets to know God, it is an eye opening experience, both figuratively and literally. Once my eyes were open to God I begin to see how green the grass is and how blue the sky is. Everything around me became so much more beautiful than it had been before and I began to fully appreciate all of creation.

Knowing we had exposed these new men to that same wonderful experience gave me a wonderful feeling. Not only had we shown them there is more to life than drugs, sex and rock n roll, we had given them the opportunity to be born again into a truly beautiful and fulfilling world.

As I think about keeping you up to date on the journey of these young men who have rid themselves of the slavery of drugs, I think about the title of this blog…Brent’s Journey. The idea of this blog was to keep you up to date on my personal journey. My journey has, however, become so entwined with the journeys of all those I help that my journey is their journey and theirs has, in a way, become mine. In God, we are all one.

May you stay always in God’s Grace, Brent

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  • Clinton says:

    So true my brother our journeys definitely are entwined. I am blessed to have you as part of my journey. God bless.

  • Hilary Mak says:

    Wow, Brent this is so powerful. God just continues to use you so much; you are a real blessing

  • Malecia Humby says:

    Hi Brent

    Mussolino and i are so proud of you for having such a big influence on young peoples lives in Cape Town. When i was reading your blog i was very sad, sad with happiness as you are touching so many of these young men through the work of our heavenly father. I wish you all the best and lots of success with your journey and passion for God.

    Have a blessed day and love to all.

    • Brent Williams says:

      Wow thank you so much.And it is so god to hear from you guys.Thank you for reading the blog and all glory to God.I trust that you guys are blessed and are doing well.Yes God has done a major work in my life and this is my way of giving back.There are lots more nothings coming.Stay tuned for this space.May you and the family be blessed and may God continue the great work in your life.


  • Syde McTavish says:

    Hey Brent

    We are all so proud of you and inspired by the work you do, your name and past came up in conversation today, i was hoping to use what you have been thru as motivation that everyone can come back from that horrible world and make it work, I just hope they listened. Keep on doing what you doing my brother, you are so needed!!

    • Brent Williams says:

      Thank you Sydie.I so much appreaciate the feedback and just makes me know that i am still on the right track.I can only give God all the glory and praise.You guys have always played a huge role in my life.I am wondering what you have been talking about me.God bless and may the blessing of God rest upon you and your family.

  • Keenan says:

    Thank you for this awesome expression of the Father’s Love flowing through You and Bradley!

    • Brent Williams says:

      Thank you my brother and it is saints as yourself that keep us going.God bless you my brother and may you always be a blessing to us.

  • Remonde says:

    stay blessed

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