Handing Over Of The Laptops for MoCo Project

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Handing over Laptops #2 by Reconstructed Living Lab.
After setting up  the laptops for the MoCo project on Saturday , it was now time to deliver them to the various organisations.Clinton,Craig and myself was designated to do the deliveries and handover of the laptops to two of the four organisations.The two organisations we had to deliver to was Dopstop and SANCA(Atlantis)
Now that the all the organisations had their laptops and access to the internet they could now do the counselling from the comfort of the offices, while myself and Craig would be doing and mange  the admin from our office.Looking forward in taking this partenership and initiative  forword with the other organisations.But most importantly i am looking forward to see the lives of many people caught up on druhs out there beint transformed.
Thank you Jesus for the wonderful opportunity that you have given us all to reach out to the needy out there.



Sorting Out The New Laptops For The MoCo Project

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The laptops for our pilot project MoCo finally arrived.We could now give each organization two laptops that would be allocated and used by the counselors that was allocated to do the online counseling.

Over the weekend Marlon, Craig, Mikey and myself  was busy sorting out the laptops and making sure it could connect online.It was a long day but we got everything sorted out and the laptops was ready for delivery.Monday was delivery day and the organizations would soon be ready to go online form their new laptops

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Watch this space as we go and deliver the laptops to the various organizations.All glory to God for the great things He is doing.

MoCo(Mobile Counselling) Goes Live!

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On Thursday we launched our pilot project called MoCo (Mobile Counselling) services and all the NGO,s involved came together at The Impact Centre for the launch.All of the various representatives from the different organisations first met met for some nibbles and something to drink before MoCo went live.

After filling out tummies  and quenching our thirst, it was time get down to some serious  work.We had each organisation set up at their own station as they got ready to counsel young people out their on their mobile phones that is facing problems with substance abuse and other issues.

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I am so proud to be part of the fisrt ever mobile counselling service in the world.And to be playing an intrical part in all of this.

Here are some stats as to how the first day of counselling session went:

During the first two hour session of the pilot, 103 subscribers made contact with us and 2034 messages were sent to people in need of support in the area of drug addiction.

MoCo Role-Out:Back To School Is Cool

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I found myself doing a presentation at Bridgetown High Secondary School, my old high school ,this week.I did not complete my schooling at Bridgetown High and left the school under very poor circumstances.

Learners at Bridgetown Secondary High

It was a good feeling being “back at school” and for all the  good reasons as well.  Not to reek havoc like I did in the past.I never thought I would be doing presentations in my old high school,not in a million years.So here I found myself going from being class clown , to giving these kids a contact that could possibly save their lives.

My prayer is that they use this MoCo contact when they are facing any issues or problems in their lives.I am ooking forward to chatting with the kids of my community via the MoCo counselling service.

Some of the other schools we roled MoCo out at.

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Jaques setting up and getting ready for MoCo presentation


Learners all seated at Oval North High School

The Role-Out Of MoCo:Support for Drug Abusers using Mobile Counselling

November 17, 2009 § 2 Comments

Me sharing my story at one of our MoCo presentations we did at a school in Atlantis on the West Coast

With all the training done with the delegates from the 5 NGO,s ,it was now time to role out MoCo (Mobile Counseling) at the various schools that was ear-marked in the high risk areas.

This initiative aims at taking support for learners at schools across Cape Town as part of a pilot to test mobile counselling as a tool for drug intervention.MoCo will be live on Thursday 19th November.We are looking forward to making contact with these kids and help them with the difficulties they are facing.

Marlon Parker doing the first MoCo presentation for this pilot project

This project is a collaboration between RLabs, Impact Direct, Department of Social Development, SANCA, Dopstop and Sultan Buha

Stay tuned for more on this project.

Learners at school in Atlantis

“The Art of Mobile Counselling” Workshop:Day 3 (Conclusion)

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We only had like half day worshop on Day 3.We started the day off with the praticipants again presenting their homework that was given to them the previous day.The day consisted mostly of re – capping,answering question and discussing the way forward.

After that it was time for the handing out of certificates which was done by the CEO of Impact Direct Ministries Roger Petersen and the project manager of RLABS Rene Parker.


Handing over of certicates


RLABS staff gather round to congratulate the participants

This was the end of the workshop and in the week to come we,along with the participants will be rolling this out at various schools in The Western Cape.We will be giving the learners a contact that they can add to their current mxit they have on their phones.And through this contact we will be assisting them with whatever problems and issues they might have.

I just want to say thank to the participants for the support and being easy to learn.God bless them and the great work they and their various organizations are doing.


RLABS staff with participants.Group photo

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