“The Art of Mobile Counselling” Workshop:Day 2

November 11, 2009 § 1 Comment

Day 2 of the training started off with a bang!The praticipants had to bring in their homework that was given to them by Clinton.This was quite fun as some of these participants was not familiar with the chat lingo the kids use on mxit.So they basically had to go out and do some research and asks kids in their area for some words for their homework.

Here are some of the chat-lingo words the participants brought back as part of their homework:

watching t.v – wtv

listening to music – l2m

never mind – nvm

later – l8er

These are only but some of the words they brought back and well done to them for the great research they done.Some of them said it was not easy as most of the words they got from the kids has swearing content in them.


One of the participants giving feedback on thee homework he got.

Next up was Craig Ross.He session was “Introduction To The System”. He basically introduced the participants to the system that they will be doing the counseling from.This session took some time as we had to get everyone signed onto the system and then they had to take turns in working on the system and getting the hang of it.We had half of them in one room(they acted as the users seeking help) chatting from gtalk.The rest was in another room(The Lab) chatting  as counselors on the system.This went well as everyone had a chance to be the victim(user) and then the rescuer(counselor) as well.


This is Craig Ross doing his presentation "Introduction To The Sytem"

The introduction To The System took most of the day.We had a activity (ice breaker) after that just to get the juices of the participants flowing.And then i did an overview of day two.I also gave the participants some more homework.Those who did not have mxit on their mobiles was to go home and download it from the internet from their mobiles and then install and register to mxit.


Some of the participants doing their activity (ice breaker)

Stay tuned to see how it unfolds………

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