Coming Off From Drugs During The Festive Season

January 6, 2010 § 2 Comments

As I said in my previous post, I am so proud of the guys for what they have accomplished and especially seeing it is in, and during The Festive Season. When I look back three years down the line, when my journey started, I get very emotional. Just like these guys, I decided to come off from drugs during The Festive Season. It was not really by choice, if I did not stop I was going to die.

Three years ago after 8 years of using meth, crack cocaine and various other drugs, I decided to stop my drug abuse and get my life in order. The only thing was that it was the beginning of The Festive Season and all the parties were starting and it was the beginning of summer as well. I was  known not just for being involved in gangsterism but also a well renowned party animal. People who knew me thought I was crazy to try and stop using drugs during this period.

However, I knew that if I could make it through The Festive Season I would be well on my way to a road of recovery. The people were right ,I was crazy trying to stop using during this time. It was challenging hearing people outside drinking and partying, while I was hiding inside, afraid to show my face as I knew they would call me to party with them. There were times that I just thought, bugger this, I am going outside and going to party and  can try this recovery thing in the New Year. Through God’s grace He kept me sane and protected me against the temptations I was facing. Every time I would think of going out to smoke drugs  or drink, God would send people like Terence Hendricks around to my house to come and talk to me. Just in the nick of time I may add.

One day I was standing at the gate and this one guy I use to smoke with came with a gram of meth to me and asked if I wanted to smoke it with him. I thought I was going to die that day. My stomach started turning and there were cravings like I cannot explain. But in all of this I saw the devil at work. This guy that was trying to convince me to smoke with him was one of the most selfish guys. He would never share his drugs with anyone and would always duck and dive when he had drugs on him. So I thought you are the most selfish addict I know and you want to smoke a gram out with me, come on! Right there and then I saw satin at work and needless to say I never went to smoke with him or ever again.

If I just think back at where my life is now and where it could have been if I had to go and smoke with that guy on that particular day. God is too wise to make a mistake. He knew that He had to save me in order for me to someday work with and lead other addicts into His Kingdom. Those are only one of the many challenges I faced during that Festive. It was not easy, but it was worth it! That is why I take my hat off to these guys. I know what it is to come off from drugs during the Festive Season.

It was not easy,but it was worth it!!

I thank God for all He has done in my life and all the other young men’s lives. All the glory goes to Him.

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