RLABS at Kylemore and Rhodes High schools

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This week we went out to schools in the Western Cape again to do MoCo presentations and to give the students the contact to add to their mobile phones for our online counselling. We did two schools this week; one in Stellenbosh and one in the Athlone area. The school in Stellensbosh was Kylemore High and the school in Athlone was Rhodes High. We however did not do an assembly but individual classes this time round.

At Kylemore High we did 9 classes of about 25 students in each class and at Rhodes High 4 classes with about 20 students in each class. I was not feeling too well this week and it was a bit taxing on my body but God was faithful and carried me through. I was assisted by Clinton Liederman , Terence Hendricks and as I call him “The Master of presentations” Reagen Allen. Having this awesome team with me just made things so much easier.

Reagen took the bull by the horns and flowed with the MoCo presentation. He brought a profound dynamic with his awesome sense of humour. Lots more kids added the contact and lots came online seeking help with various issues they face on a daily basis.

Thank you Lord for everything that you are doing in our midst and we give honour and glory to You FatherJ


Newspaper article/Celeb For Jesus

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So there just one more thing in the Celeb for Jesus journey.  On Saturday the 16th January 2010 RLABS hosted a Social Media Surgery in Vangate Mall which was managed by Craig Ross, Innovations Manager for RLABS. This was the first one of its kind that was done in Africa and  in  an open space like this.

News paper article covering the RLABS event

I was busy creating someone a gmail account when I saw Craig speaking to someone; unknowingly that it was a reporter from our local newspaper. She was interviewing Craig and finding out more as to what was happening and what the buzz was about.

On the Wednesday the article appeared in the papers, unknowingly to me and we  went out and  got a copy of the paper. So there I was signing up someone onto gmail, the once drug dealer and drug addict. So now people could see the person they once new (the addict) and the person God has changed me into.

But the glory goes to God and never would I have thought that all this would happen in just over the 2 years I have been serving Christ. I am enjoying this journey with Christ 100% and I know there are lots more to come.

Jesus I love you and treasure all that you are doing in my life.

RLABS Interview on Radio CCFM/Celeb for Jesus

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Me in Radio CCFM Voyeur

A couple of weeks ago Clinton and I headed off to Radio CCFM to represent RLABS and to informl the listeners  about DAS (Drug Advice and Support) and our other projects. When we entered the doors at Radio CCFM there were already other people there waiting to do their interviews.

This was once again an amazing opportunity to proclaim the name of Jesus and tell the listeners what the lord has done in our lives. It was a 15 minute interview but once again thousands were listening. Clinton ended the show off with a bang by encouraging the listeners not to give up and always continue to pray. Powerful words that was spoken by my brother in Christ. I am sure that there was someone out that needed to hear that.

All glory and honour to God once again for the platform He gives us.

MoCo at Kylemore High School

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The MoCo project is doing well and we have been doing presentations at more schools around The Western Cape. One of the schools we did last week was at Kylemore High school out in Stellenbosch. Clinton and I were assigned to do this school. This school was about an hours’ drive from where RLABS is based and we had to leave fairly early in the morning in order to avoid traffic.

We had to drive over a mountain pass to get to the school and the view was just beautiful .This was so inspirational and just got me all hyped up for the day. Kylemore High is situated at the foot of a mountain and perfect learning environment.

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We got a warm welcome from the principal and had a short discussion with him before we started doing the presentations with the various classes. We were based at the school for the whole day and did 9 presentations (9 classes) all in all. It was a long day, but well worth it. I enjoyed each and every presentation we did and the learners made it so easy.

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We will be going back there in next week to do the rest of the school. Plus/minus 80 learners added the contact and will be receiving counselling on their mobile phones and via mxit. This makes it all worth it. Looking forward to returning to Kylemore High and seeing everyone we met there.

Thank you Lord once again for allowing us to do what we do and it is only through Your grace  that we are able to do what we do.

Celeb for Jesus/My interview on Radio KFM

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On the 28th October 2008 I got the surprise of my life .I got a visit from Radio Kfm at The Impact Direct Centre, my workplace.My sister contacted Radio Kfm via email,and told them of how proud she is of me and the good work I am doing in the community. Radio Kfm then contacted the Impact Centre and spoke to Clinton and arranged with him that I be at the Centre when they arrived.

A lady by the name of MEL then came out do a interview with me. I was still laying in my room at the Centre when she arrived. They told me that someone was here to see me. To my surprise she told me that she wanted to do a quick interview with me. She told me what my sister had done and how proud my sister  is of me, and how she doesn’t show it enough. She then handed me a voucher for Ocean Basket worth R300.00 compliments of Radio KFM. I am naturally over the moon and just want to say:’’Thank you my sister for supporting me even though I use to put my family through hell in the past. This means so much to me and I love you so much. Thanx Nicci.”

Of course thank you to God for restoring families and all the Honour and Glory goes to God!!!!!!
PS.The interview was played on air on Wednesday 29 October 2008 @ 6.45am

MoCo (Mobile Counselling)continues in the schools

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So we have been going into the schools again this year promoting MoCo , our online counselling service to the the students in the Western Cape. Our goal is to reach 5000 contacts/people by April. Today alone RLABS sent out three teams to go and do presentations at various schools.

We are currently doing assemblies on Mondays at the schools and have been invited to do more individual classes later in the week. We will be going out to Stellenbosch and doing more schools there later in the week as well. In our presentations we give and show the learners how to add the contact to their current mxit on their mobile phones. We also speak about choices that people make in life and how important it is to make the right choices.

We are looking forward to reaching the 5000 mark and will continue to reach out to the young people out there. Well done to the RLABS staff for the great work they are doing in the community.

Watch this space to see many young people being reached and counselled through this innovative initiative.

A Celeb for Jesus/SABC 2MORNING LIVE

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So here I was all over the moon that I made my “debut” on radio, not knowing that God had greater things in store. Not too long after my radio interview,  I found myself  having to open the largest breakfast show in our Country, SABC2 Morning Live. SABC2 Morning Live was covering the new project  that we had launched (DAS) and needed one of the young men to briefly share their story about how they were set free from drugs. And that is where I came in.

SABC2 Morning Live has more than 10 million viewers that tune into the show every morning. So naturally I was nervous, but also saw it as a tremendous opportunity once again to mention the name of Jesus to the masses. On the morning of the show I had to be up at 4.00am as the TV crew started to arrive at The Impact Centre. The location of the shoot was going to be from the IMPACT CENTRE that morning by the way. The crew started to set up and my stomach started to turn as I saw loads of people arriving. There were people everywhere. The Centre is situated in between houses in a community on the Cape Flats. So naturally everyone wanted to come and see what the buzz was all about.

The show starts live at 6.00am and that would be my slot. I was to open the show with my story and hand over to the main presenter, Vuyo Mbuli. Before I went on the producer told me: “No need to be nervous. There are only more than 10 million viewers that will be watching”. I nearly needed to go and clean my trousers after that *smile on my face* It was time for the cameras to shoot and we time for us to go live. As I was standing with the microphone  in my hand, the camera man cued me;5,4,3,2,1 and we live

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I started the show by saying : “Good morning. My name is Brent Williams. I live in the local community of Bridgetown. I was caught up in drugs and gansgterism for 8 years of my life……………  and I have been set free by the power of God.” And then handed over to Vuyo Mbuli. 10 million people that morning what God had done in my life! I just hope and pray that those words, that few minutes that I was on TV ,changed the life of someone out there. We can’t make people stop using drugs etc, but we can present hope to the hopeless out there. Father I live for Your glory.

Matthew 5:16 (NIV), “In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven”.

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Vuyo Mbuli,one my neighbors and me

My pastors Roger and Jenny Petesen and the crowds behind them

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