Film Making and Directing Workshop at RLABS

March 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Not too long ago we did an introduction To Film Making and Directing workshop at RLABS. The workshop was conducted by Nathan Theys. Nathan hails from the Cape Flats but is now currently living and working in the U.K as a film and movie director.

This is what we covered in the workshop:

–          Introduction to Film making

–          Different aspects of Film making

–          Script, producing and post production

SANY4581 by you.

After we covered all the above mentioned it was now time to put what we learned  into practice. To our surprise Nathan told us that we had to shoot a short movie, edit it ,and preview it by the evening. He stressed out the importance of “meeting your deadline” as you could get fired from on the job immediately if you don’t.

Everyone in this workshop had to pitch a script to the rest of the class and after that we had to vote and choose  two scripts. The two scripts that were chosen for the two short movies that we were going to make  were those of Terence Hendricks and Clinton Liedermen.This was going to be an exciting but long day as none of us have shot and directed a movie in our lives.

Stay tuned to hear more about the movie we shot on that day.

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