I Now Pronounce You Black and White

March 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

As RLABS we have started to do Social Media consultancy for companies, NGO’s and other businesses. This is so that we can be a self sustainable and continue all our projects within RLABS without having to worry about finances to do so.

One of our clients for whom we are doing a Social Media Consultancy for is a production company by the name Ollywood productions. They are releasing a local movie called: I now Pronounce You Black and White. It is being branded as South Africa’s biggest romantic comedy.

Here is a read up on the movie:

I now pronounce you Black and White

Love and Marriage, it’s the iconic idea of joy and true happiness…unless you’re Simon and Jackie!

Simon Dawson (Up & Coming Tyrel Meyer) and his black girlfriend, Jackie Msolisi (Astara Mwakalumbwa) announce their engagement to each other, but Simon’s racist, white parents are more than furious.

Felix Dawson (Ian Roberts), a hardcore Afrikaner, and his pretentious, Jewish wife Sheila (Bo Petersen), are determined not to let their son “marry the help”, while Jackie’s parents, Pauline and Clarence Msolisi (Sylvia Mdunyelwa & Kwezi Kobus) are equally shocked by their daughter’s decision to marry “a Whitey”. Pauline vows to stop the wedding at any cost.

I Now Pronounce You Black and White is a ridiculously hilarious and fun film, full of “interesting” characters that will make your family look, well lets just say “normal”. As true love tries to conquer all, against all odds, this movie in true South African class will not leave you wanting.

I Now Pronounce You Black and White is South Africa’s “first” romantic comedy directed by Oliver Rodger that is set to launch in the middle of this month at the Cape Winelands Film Festival (CWFF).

Viewers can expect to see the first screening of I Now Pronounce You Black and White at their local Nu Metro cinema from 14th of May 2010.

To stay updated with happenings join I Now Pronounce You Black and White’s Facebook Fanpage or follow their Twitter stream

See you at the movies!


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