April 27, 2009 § 1 Comment

Sometimes when I write or speak about the unlimited power and the greatness within us it frightens people. I’m frequently told by these people that they are afraid to even think about the power they may have. Some tell me that the very thought of an inner power terrifies them.

People with such feelings often go in the opposite direction to avoid having to deal with the possibility of their inner strength. Reluctant to acknowledge it, many resort to the excessive use of food and/or alcohol. Some may begin gambling excessively or begin using drugs that range from mild to wild. All of these crutches can be seriously damaging because when we give in to these things, they are then in control of our minds and subsequently our entire lives.

When we are willing to admit our God given inner strength and use it to take control of our thoughts and lives, we can then begin to not only empower our own lives but make a positive difference in the lives of others and ultimately the world. We all arrive on this earth in search of something and it’s only by connecting with our Source that we can find what we’re searching for.

Once we connect with our Source and admit our God given strengths we no longer have the need for any of the so-called crutches. We stand firm in our strengths and never look back.

Brent Williams is a young man who has reconnected with his Source and in so doing has begun a journey in which his inner strengths will make a difference in the world.
Part II of Brent’s Journey begins here:

“Always stand facing the sun and let the shadows of doubt and fear fall behind.”


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