MoCo Role-Out:Back To School Is Cool

November 18, 2009 § Leave a comment

I found myself doing a presentation at Bridgetown High Secondary School, my old high school ,this week.I did not complete my schooling at Bridgetown High and left the school under very poor circumstances.

Learners at Bridgetown Secondary High

It was a good feeling being “back at school” and for all the  good reasons as well.  Not to reek havoc like I did in the past.I never thought I would be doing presentations in my old high school,not in a million years.So here I found myself going from being class clown , to giving these kids a contact that could possibly save their lives.

My prayer is that they use this MoCo contact when they are facing any issues or problems in their lives.I am ooking forward to chatting with the kids of my community via the MoCo counselling service.


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