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If you’ve read Brent’s Journey, Part IV perhaps you found it a bit unsettling… maybe even a bit frightening. He was just seconds away from pulling the trigger of the gun he had pressed against the head of an innocent and unsuspecting woman. Someone stopped him just in time to save the woman’s life. Does that make Brent a potential murderer?

The Brent who committed that act was not the Brent Williams who today saves lives daily by helping others escape from and/or avoid the situation in which he found himself. Brent was on heavy drugs and seriously addicted. I shouldn’t have to tell you that when you don’t take charge of your own mind, whomever or whatever is in charge is not capable of operating in your best interest. Only you can do that by conscious and deliberate choice.

While you’ve probably never found yourself in such a horrid situation as Brent describes in this week’s blog post, there are other situations that you may create for yourself that do harm to you and keep you from being, doing and having everything of which you dream.

Abundance is your birthright. The catch is, however, that you cannot have it at the expense of others. Whether we are speaking of wisdom, love, happiness or financial gain, we must all achieve our hopes and dreams by serving mankind.

We must believe that we were placed on this earth for a purpose and when we find that purpose and pursue it with passion we will then…and only then… know success. If you’re still searching to find your mission, your life’s purpose, I can tell you without a doubt that you’ll find it in the thing you most love doing.

No matter what you’ve done in the past, know that the past does not equal the present or the future. Today is a new day and it is filled with new and great possibilities for you life.

Use the possibilities of this new day to open your eyes to all the possibilities there are before you and then take positive action to make your life a masterpiece.

Read Part IV of Brent’s incredible journey at http://tinyurl.com/p7uwzo


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