September 14, 2009 § 1 Comment


Yesterday was a good day for the Impact Direct Ministries team. To bring our team together in a joint effort other than the work we do, all participated in a high-action game of indoor cricket. Indoor cricket is a variant of and shares many basic concepts with traditional, outdoor cricket. The game is most often played between two teams each consisting of eight players, in matches featuring two innings, each of sixteen 8-ball overs. Rather than simply being played indoors, the match is played on specifically designed courts covered in artificial turf and enclosed by tight string netting.


This was a good idea for emphasizing “team” effort. We come from lifestyles of gang culture, and drug addiction so sports and team spirit were not among the things with which we were familiar. Indoor cricket was exactly the right team building event. All our energy went into where we could get our next hit and how we were going to get it.

This is a fast-paced game and requires lots of running. When it was my turn to bat I was out of breath which pointed out to me the fact that I’m really out of shape. The atmosphere was great though and we were cheering each other on in the true spirit of what “team” is all about. If it became apparent that someone was not doing well, and perhaps seemed to be struggling, the rest of the team rallied to encourage and motivate him.

At the end of the day there were no losers. We all considered ourselves winners, not based on the scoreboard but in the fact that we all felt a sense of accomplishment and enhanced team spirit. It was an awesome day for us and we’re looking to our next, monthly team-building event. Next on the agenda will be paint ball shooting and then maybe quad biking after that.

God has really blessed us and is adding new members to this team, His team. We have three new members that have come off drugs and have committed themselves to God and to what is happening at Impact Direct Ministries. Praise God.


There are many more team members to come and lots more team building events that will be taking place. I’ll share them with you as they occur and in the process I’ll share with you my “new journey” to get back into shape.

If you’ve been following Brent’s Journey from the beginning you’re aware of how far I’ve come from my days as a gangster and drug addict. It’s been a long journey but it’s just beginning. If you’re aware of where I’ve come from…I think you’ll be interested to see where I’m going. Brent’s Journey, my journey, has really just begun.


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