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As both a Life and Business Development Coach I have, over the years, observed an interesting phenomenon. This is something that has always been with us but has been greatly magnified by the rapid growth of the Internet, social networks and myriad new applications that show up each day.

I call this phenomenon 21st Century Confusion and it is a situation in which many are finding themselves. What am I referring to? It all boils down to the fact that we do not really know who we are. We don’t really look within to get to know our inner selves.

Hundreds of thousands are flocking to the Internet in the hope of finally finding fame and fortune. They are rushing in droves to follow the latest and greatest 2.0 media guru. Those who understand and speak this language have something to sell and each week (at least each month) they have a new program to offer for sale. They are the ones finding the so-called fame and fortune.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not knocking those who offer their knowledge for sale. They have every right to do that. Actually, I do that myself. We all know that we can expect to pay for the answers we can’t find on our own. Those who sell information are no more responsible for whether or not you succeed or ever even use it than an automobile dealership is for how well or if you ever even drive the car they sell you.

Life is all about taking personal responsibility, taking responsibility for ourselves and our actions. We and we alone are responsible for the success or lack of success in our lives. We are all born with a God given talent, a purpose, and it is our job to discover that purpose and pursue it. What you are meant to do is the thing you most love doing. What seems to happen, however, is that we have been conditioned to believe that our true happiness lies only in financial wealth. It does not.

Hey, I’m not knocking money. Money can accomplish great things in the hands of someone who understands it and knows what to do with it. To be truly successful in life, however, we must look first within ourselves. The answers are all there. Your creator would not have put you on this vast planet without your own GPS (God’s Positioning System). It’s your job to turn it on and use it.

Stop following the latest and greatest new thing that comes along before you first look inside yourself, turn on your GPS and see where it has been programmed to take you.


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