April 20, 2009 § 5 Comments

When Brent originally shared the story of his journey with me and asked me to become a contributor to his blog, there is no way I could have said no. This young man’s story is one of remarkable courage and giving. While I didn’t know him at the time he was going through what I can refer to only as his own personal hell, what I do know is that whatever went wrong in his life, the love of his mother is what made it right. She continued to love him through it all and reintroduced him to God. She took him to Impact Direct Ministries where with the help of Pastor Petersen and the other caring people at Impact Direct Ministries he found his way back.

Many stray from their intended path from time to time, in one way or another. Those who have someone to love them back to where the need to be, have an excellent chance of ultimately living a life they truly want and love. Not only is Brent now living the life he truly wants and loves, but he has become a counselor at Direct Impact Ministries and is helping others beat their addictions, addictions that if allowed to continue would more than likely destroy or perhaps end their lives.

People become unhappy and stray from all they could have and be when they begin to have feelings of being disconnected. It seems to be typical of those who feel a lack of connection, to not fully understand from what they’ve become disconnected. Perhaps that’s because they never felt truly connected in the first place.

We were placed on Earth by the same source that placed the tiny acorn here. The point is that if a tiny acorn, just a little nut in the mud, contains within it a might oak tree (and it does), how can we even begin to doubt the potential within us? When we live up to our God given potential our lives can become more than we are capable of imagining.


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