Back at the 4th Euro- Africa Cooperation Forum on ICT Research

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Last year I was invited to speak at the 4th Euro- Africa Cooperation to speak about how RLabs is: Transferring Innovation On A Grassroots Level. This particular conference was held in Finland which meant me going over seas for seven days. This year this same conference is being held in Cape Town and I was once again invited to come and speak here.

I am so looking forward to all the presentation and to see how ICT is being utilized in Europe and Africa. The aim of today is networking as well and looking forward to meeting with potential future partners for RLabs. I am grateful for this opportunity to be able to represent RLabs at this conference. That is what RLabs is all about,it is about growth ..and this is me growing.


Happy April Fools Day All

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Early this morning Craig and myself was sitting in the RLABS office and working (doing reports). During our discussion he reminded me that it was April’s Fools Day. Being the geek that I am I had saw an opportunity on how I could capitalize on this day and blog about it.

That is when we decided that I should announce that I am getting married soon as most of my followers know that I am single (on twitter and facebook). So this the status update I put up  on Facebook and Twitter:

My status update on Facebook

Needless to say that it was not long until someone commented on this post to congratulate me. And of course there were lots of questions asked. Some wanted to know who the lucky girl is. Other people were sceptical and mentioned that it was Aprils Fools Day and commented about it on facebook. However there was a plan of action in place. I simply deleted their comments and then thereafter sent them an inbox message informing them what I was doing. Luckily none of them was offended.

On Twitter I soon received @ messages from people congratulating me from all over the world. I soon sent a DM (Direct message) to all of them telling them what I am doing. Twitter is the Social Media application that I am best known on and some of my followers were not happy that I caught them out in this way lol. It is awesome to see how many people are actually interested in my life. I have nothing but love for you guys.

@ messages on Twitter

Just to say that the next time I do make the announcement, it will be for real. Problem now is that I have to just find her still. I am trusting God that He will show me who it is.



March 18, 2010 § 1 Comment

Yesterday while we were working in the RLABS we had the privilege of being given a short blogging workshop by none other than Madam Geek ,Rene Parker. She showed us a couple of things on wordpress that we, as she puts it, well renown bloggers ,should have known. She actually put us to shame lol.

But it was a fun session and she taught us a trick or two. So she put Craig and myself  to shame I must admit. It was however a pleasure to see her getting excited about blogging. I suggested that we have a little blogging off friendly competition and just to encourage each other and teach each other new things about blogging.

I am so looking forward to this interaction and learning. That is why I love my work/job. Always an opportunity to learn something new on a daily basis.

Special memories at Rhodes High

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So we have been to two schools in last week, and one of the schools was Rhodes High in Cape Town. The length of the periods/classes at Rhodes High was different to those of the other schools we have been to previously. At the other schools the periods were normally 30 minutes (half hour) or 45 minutes long. At Rhodes High however the periods were an hour long and they only have one interval (break) that is an hour long as well.

Felowshipping during lunch break

So there I was thinking: “What am I suppose to do in that hour?” Ricky Johnson came up to me and told me that they usually have SU (Scripture Union) during break with some learners and asked if the guys  (RLABS team) would like to join and share our stories. We naturally jumped at the opportunity and accepted the invitation.

I really admire these learners as they could be anywhere on the school with their friends doing who knows what, but they opted to come and worship God in this time. I really enjoyed this session and speaking of what Jesus did and is still doing in my life. Thank you guys for your devotion and choosing to serve Christ in a time such as this. I know and see the many choices these kids have to face and make on a daily basis and this is one of those good choices these kids have made.

Looking forward to going back there and hearing how things are going there.

Thank you Lord for the opportunity.

Newspaper article/Celeb For Jesus

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So there just one more thing in the Celeb for Jesus journey.  On Saturday the 16th January 2010 RLABS hosted a Social Media Surgery in Vangate Mall which was managed by Craig Ross, Innovations Manager for RLABS. This was the first one of its kind that was done in Africa and  in  an open space like this.

News paper article covering the RLABS event

I was busy creating someone a gmail account when I saw Craig speaking to someone; unknowingly that it was a reporter from our local newspaper. She was interviewing Craig and finding out more as to what was happening and what the buzz was about.

On the Wednesday the article appeared in the papers, unknowingly to me and we  went out and  got a copy of the paper. So there I was signing up someone onto gmail, the once drug dealer and drug addict. So now people could see the person they once new (the addict) and the person God has changed me into.

But the glory goes to God and never would I have thought that all this would happen in just over the 2 years I have been serving Christ. I am enjoying this journey with Christ 100% and I know there are lots more to come.

Jesus I love you and treasure all that you are doing in my life.

RLABS Interview on Radio CCFM/Celeb for Jesus

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Me in Radio CCFM Voyeur

A couple of weeks ago Clinton and I headed off to Radio CCFM to represent RLABS and to informl the listeners  about DAS (Drug Advice and Support) and our other projects. When we entered the doors at Radio CCFM there were already other people there waiting to do their interviews.

This was once again an amazing opportunity to proclaim the name of Jesus and tell the listeners what the lord has done in our lives. It was a 15 minute interview but once again thousands were listening. Clinton ended the show off with a bang by encouraging the listeners not to give up and always continue to pray. Powerful words that was spoken by my brother in Christ. I am sure that there was someone out that needed to hear that.

All glory and honour to God once again for the platform He gives us.

First Social Media Surgery in Africa

January 18, 2010 § 3 Comments

This Saturday we as RLABS hosted the first Social Media Surgery in Africa. The Social Media Surgery was conducted and hosted  at Vangate Mall, in Bridgetown. RLABS was taking Social Media into an open space and providing the local community the opportunity to sign up to any Social Media sites they desired free of charge. I was so honoured to be one of the”surgeons” . We know the wonders that Social Media has done for us in our own personal lives and how we have grown and developed individually since we signed up.

Busy setting up at Vangate Mall before the shoppers came

The day started off with a buzz as we signed up people to the various Social Media sites such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr .Some people even inquired as to what blogs were. Lots of the people were curious about  Twitter as they heard lots about it on Oprah and other  TV shows. But the order of the day was for  Facebook accounts.

Busy signing one of the mall goers onto Twitter and other Social Media sites

I can’t explain the joy and excitement this brought to us. We have come a long way and this was a milestone in its own. I have to commend Craig Ross (@Craigross316 on twitter) for a job well done. He was the project manager for this particular project. We managed to sign up 47 people to various Social Media sites by the end of the day.I am so looking forward to the next Social Media Surgery and trusting God that it will be in a bigger mall and that we will sign up and introduce more people to the World Wide Web.

You can read more about RLABS on Marlon Parker,s Blog. He is the founder and director of RLABS

Clive and Leon telling people about our outreach.

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