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This past Friday Marlon Parker the director of the R LABS requested that Bradley, one of my brothers in Christ, and I give talks about Social Media. We gave our talks at the School Of Hope which is a project of the Thembalistha Foundation which accommodates students that have either been expelled from other schools in the area or are currently using drugs.

Our talks were directed at how Social Media can change our communities. Bradley addressed substance abuse and the effects and consequences of using drugs. I spoke on the subject of Social Media for Social Change, a presentation that Marlon Parker had put together. This was my first time to do this particular presentation and I must admit I was a bit nervous – but at the same time excited to have the opportunity to make the presentation.

Knowing these students and their backgrounds was a bit daunting for me. Giving the presentation without knowing in advance what to expect from the audience made it more difficult than it needed to be. Perhaps I focused a bit too much on what their levels of concentration would be. Additionally, I was somewhat concerned as to what their response and reaction to the presentation would be.

In my nervousness I failed to remember that God was in control…not me. With God guiding the event everything went really very well. The students remained attentive throughout the presentations and appeared to be genuinely interested in everything we had to say. Just to see the looks of interest on their faces and realize how well they were receiving what we had to tell them was most encouraging to me and was the highlight of my day and weekend.

The whole experience caused me to think back and remember that it is important that we go on with what we are doing and allow God to work through us. God is awesome and faithful even when we are faithless.

I give all glory, honor and adoration to Jesus for what He has done and continues to do through our lives. I and people like me who formerly lived lives of crime and drug addiction are now being used to bring about positive, and I’m sure lasting change, within our communities. I am really looking forward to our next presentations with eager anticipation.

When God is for us, who can be against us?


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