“The Art of Mobile Counselling” Workshop:Day 1

November 9, 2009 § 2 Comments

I want to first of all give God all the glory and praise for what He is doing in my life.It is only because of His Grace that I have the ability to do what I am doing.


RLABS hosted and facilitated the 1st SUBSTANCE ABUSE MOBILE COUNSELING TRAINING in the world.I am so honored to say that I was one of the facilitators on this particular pilot project.We as RLABS will be training and equipping up five organizations in the Western Cape as  how to use and administrate the system we are currently using to do the mobile counseling from.The day started off with registration, coffee and tea.Michael Abrahams (one of the facilitators) did the introduction and welcome.


Then it was my time do my presentation which was: “Social Media For Social Good”. In this presentation I basically painted the picture as to why we will be using mobile phones to counsel people and the potential thereof .One of the slides in my presentation read as follows:”4 Billion mobile phones are being used worldwide and it is the largest4070801993_ae84cf283a

distribution channel platform”-World Bank 2008..This was to show people how many people we could possibly reach out there.

Craig Ross was up next and he did:”The Art Of Mobile Counseling”.He basically told them the difference of one- on- one counseling and mobile counseling.Up next was Clinton his presentation was:”The Confessions Of Mobile Counselor”.In this presentation he engaged the participants as to what is required from a counselor when they go on-line etc.Clinton also had some homework for the participants.They had to go out and get 10 chat lingo acronyms and share it with the class th following day

ton doing his presentation"Confessions of a Mobile Counsellor"

By the end of the day all the participants was registered onto our system.On day 2 they all were going to do role-play and get a chance to work on the system as counselors.

Will fill you in on Day 2 as things progress.


Western Cape Mobile Substance Abuse Counselling Service Part II

October 30, 2009 § Leave a comment


We had a follow up meeting at Reconstructed Living Labs (RLABS) with The Department Of Social Development  last week Friday (23rd October) to determine when our pilot project would be launched.

The five areas in the Western Cape that will be targeted is, Khyalitsha,  Atlantis, Mitchells Plain,  Athlone & Paarl. The NGO’s that will be part of this project is SANCA, Dop Stop, Sultun Bahu and Impact Direct Ministiers. This NGO’s will target 3 schools each in their area from grade 8-10. Each of the NGO’s will have two cousellors  that will be online for four hours per day Monday-Thursday.

As we here at RLABS have developed the system we will be using to do the mobile counseling from, we were delegated to do the training with the 5 NGO,s as to how to use the system.We will be starting the training this Monday ( 2nd November) with the 5 NGO,s and th training will run for two and a half days.

This is the start of great things and new  parterships as we come together to combat the scurge of drugs on The Cape Flats that is destroying homes and our community.

I will be keeping you updated as we things progress.

Western Cape Mobile Substance Abuse Counselling Service PART I

October 20, 2009 § 2 Comments

Today I was in a very significant meeting. It was meeting where new things were to give birth. There was five different organisations present and Marlon Parker from RLABS presented to the various organisations how Social Media could be used to combat the scurge against the drug problem in our country. Also present was Social Development with whom RLABS is partnering and taking this pilot project forward.


RLABS is to role out a Western Cape Mobile Substance Abuse Counselling Service. As a group we are piloting a distributed mobile counselling service across the Western Cape starting in 5 high risk districts. The  mobile application we are using to reach out to the youth in South Africa is Mxit. Mxit currently has about 15 million users in South Africa alone and 80% of them are ages between 13 -35.I will be giving you stats in my next blog post of what our counselling service is all about.



A Living Lab is a user-centric research methodology for sensing, prototyping, validating and refining complex solutions in multiple and evolving real life contexts. It is a human-centric Research and Development approach to ICT solutions and innovations.RLABS (Reconstructed Labs) is a community based organisation and is an innitiative by Impact Direct Ministries

Here is a bit more about RLABS:

The Reconstructed Living Lab is one of ten in South Africa, and the first one in the Western Cape. The project has grown out of collaboration between Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), a community organisation Impact Direct Ministries (IDM), and the Bridgetown Civic Organisation. It has features that are unique in living labs as it is community led and is based in a social deprived area in Cape Town.

Athlone is situated on the Cape Flats of the Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa. It is today known for two features, the new football stadium and the obsolete power towers which dominate the area. The society is described by Parker (2008) as a community in tension. Factors for the grounds of tension include: lack of economical development (e.g. unemployment, inflation); Social inequality (e.g. lack of social services,) Lack of education and lack of appropriateness and use of technology (e.g. technology not being utilised fully within communities for its intended use). Athlone has all these social problems, and is plagued with violence, drugs and gangsterism.


RLABS is one of the projects that also falls under the banner of Impact Direct Ministries.I now work for Impact and have a role that I play within RLABS. My job description is that of Operations Manager within RLABS. This particular pilot project will be funded by Social Services and we are looking forward to rolling it out in the schools.

For now I cannot go into much detail about this project but will be keeping you updated as things unfold. We will be having another meeting this Friday (23/10/2009) This is just another way of how you can use Social Media for Social Change. Watch this space as we see how the lives will be changed by with the use of Social Media.

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