Back at the 4th Euro- Africa Cooperation Forum on ICT Research

November 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last year I was invited to speak at the 4th Euro- Africa Cooperation to speak about how RLabs is: Transferring Innovation On A Grassroots Level. This particular conference was held in Finland which meant me going over seas for seven days. This year this same conference is being held in Cape Town and I was once again invited to come and speak here.

I am so looking forward to all the presentation and to see how ICT is being utilized in Europe and Africa. The aim of today is networking as well and looking forward to meeting with potential future partners for RLabs. I am grateful for this opportunity to be able to represent RLabs at this conference. That is what RLabs is all about,it is about growth ..and this is me growing.


Betavine Social Exchange,Cape Town

March 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

The RLABS staff attended an exciting workshop/conference yesterday hosted by Betavine at the Sunlight Studios, in Cape Town. There were some well known people such as Peter from Cell Life with whom we at RLABS are well familiar with. The workshop went around mobile technology and the way forward in this fast growing industry.

Marlon Parker from RLABS was the keynote speaker

The keynote speaker for the day was none other than our boss, Marlon Parker from RLABS. He spoke around current projects that are running within RLABS using mobile technology. Up next was Gustav Praekelt from Praekelt Foundation an African non profit organisation who did a live demo for us about their latest technology.

After that it was time for the real work to start and there was certain challenges presented to us by Steve Bollock from Betavine. We had to do coding and find solutions for these problems. It was a long, but very productive day as the inspirational juices started to flow.

Working on our challenge

At the end of the developing session it was time for all the groups to present. The group with the best coding and solution was up to win 6 cell phones sponsored by Nokia. The presenting went well and although my group did not win I was impressed at all the cool things that were developed in just a few hours.

I was honoured to be in the presence of all these smart individuals for an entire day .I am really looking forward to more workshops such as these and most of all to learn more about technology and how I can add to the Social Media community .

Thank you Betavine for a great day.


January 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

Just over two years ago I was unable to operate a computer. It must have been the scariest thing for me to do. As I was growing up all that I could think of was getting high and did not have an interest in furthering my education. Learning how to use a computer was at the bottom of my to do list.

Just over a year ago I did a Social Media for Social Change course with CPUT .This is where I learnt all about Social Media and the how I could empower my community by using Social Media. It was an honour for me to have has graduated from CPUT.

There were two classes running last year i.e. The Mom2.0 and The Reconstructed classes. However this time I found myself in a different position. This time round I found myself in the capacity of a facilitator and was now teaching the classes I once attended. It has been a good year with the new students. We had an awesome time, lots of laughs and very inspirational moments.

It was time to for the students to graduate and there was excitement all over. This was a huge achievement for most of the graduates as most of them had not finish their schooling and has never operated a computer before these classes. The graduation was hosted at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) Granger Bay Hotel School on the 23 December 2009.

Just want to say congratulations to all the graduates and my prayer that they will this year be teaching the next group of students that will be coming through this RLABS project. I am excited to see them run these projects and see them grow even more.



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