Back at the 4th Euro- Africa Cooperation Forum on ICT Research

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Last year I was invited to speak at the 4th Euro- Africa Cooperation to speak about how RLabs is: Transferring Innovation On A Grassroots Level. This particular conference was held in Finland which meant me going over seas for seven days. This year this same conference is being held in Cape Town and I was once again invited to come and speak here.

I am so looking forward to all the presentation and to see how ICT is being utilized in Europe and Africa. The aim of today is networking as well and looking forward to meeting with potential future partners for RLabs. I am grateful for this opportunity to be able to represent RLabs at this conference. That is what RLabs is all about,it is about growth ..and this is me growing.

Happy April Fools Day All

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Early this morning Craig and myself was sitting in the RLABS office and working (doing reports). During our discussion he reminded me that it was April’s Fools Day. Being the geek that I am I had saw an opportunity on how I could capitalize on this day and blog about it.

That is when we decided that I should announce that I am getting married soon as most of my followers know that I am single (on twitter and facebook). So this the status update I put up  on Facebook and Twitter:

My status update on Facebook

Needless to say that it was not long until someone commented on this post to congratulate me. And of course there were lots of questions asked. Some wanted to know who the lucky girl is. Other people were sceptical and mentioned that it was Aprils Fools Day and commented about it on facebook. However there was a plan of action in place. I simply deleted their comments and then thereafter sent them an inbox message informing them what I was doing. Luckily none of them was offended.

On Twitter I soon received @ messages from people congratulating me from all over the world. I soon sent a DM (Direct message) to all of them telling them what I am doing. Twitter is the Social Media application that I am best known on and some of my followers were not happy that I caught them out in this way lol. It is awesome to see how many people are actually interested in my life. I have nothing but love for you guys.

@ messages on Twitter

Just to say that the next time I do make the announcement, it will be for real. Problem now is that I have to just find her still. I am trusting God that He will show me who it is.


MC for the Bussiness Conference 2020

March 31, 2010 § 3 Comments

SANY5375 by you.

Reagen Allen is the MC at today’s Business Conference. Reagen just brings a whole new dynamic when it comes to MC-ing .He had the audience captivated with his sharp sense of humour. Once this young man starts talking you can’t get enough.

During breakfast break I actually asked him if he is willing to come and give the RLABS staff a work shop on how to MC. This however is his gifting and I don’t think no one will be able to MC like he does. He has really brought a lively twist to this conference. Thank you brother for your awesomeness. You are a real encouragement to the rest of us.


Dave Duarte speaks at the Business 2020 Conference

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I am attending a business breakfast this morning that was organized by two dynamic young men, Kyle Jonck and Jason Martin. The conference is hosted Granger Bat Hotel in the beautiful Waterfront, Cape Town.

Dave Duarte

Kyle and Jason did the welcoming and up introduced the MC for the day Reagen Allen. Reagen is a young dynamic business man and i really look up to him. The first guest speaker up was Dave Duarte, a online marketing curator and well known on the Social Media scene. He shared so many interesting facts regarding marketing and social media.

Looking forward to what is still on store. I love this conference.


A Crayfish Expedition For The Guys

March 24, 2010 § 2 Comments

One of the guys diving

Over the weekend the guys from RLABS and me went on crayfishing expedition. This was our way of unwinding and taking a break from our hectic weekly schedule. We Saturday morning at the crack of dawn we hit the road and everyone was in high spirits.

The place where we go and catch crayfish and were we throw in our nets is very rocky and not for the faint hearted at all. But we have got to love this place and always seem to come back for more.

Were we dived is not for the faint hearted

The catch for the day was good and we even got to eat some of the crayfish on the beach.This was a day well spent with the guys and am looking at doing it real soon again. Thank you guys for an awesome day. God bless you my brothers.

Enjoying our catch on the rocks

Support these two dynamic young business men from New Trends and Outlooks

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I would like to introduce you guys to two dynamic young men,Jason and Kyle. I am not going to say much about them as you can read more about them in the right up. I would just like to say that they encourage me so much,knowing from what background they come. You guys make me proud. But enough from me.Read more about them and please support them.

New trends & outlooks started with two youngsters from Bridgetown Athlone .Kyle Jonck (20yr )and Jason Martin(19yr) ex-drug addict met at the Impact centre ,they decided to start a business conference. New trends & outlooks endeavors to have business conference’s, where information could be exchanged, relationships built and doors with opportunity opened .The business conference also aims to serve as means for networking among leaders and entrepreneur’s. New trends would like businesses to think innovatively and to do things that are out of the box.

We would like to send you this special invite to attend our business conference.

Business 2020 Conference (half day breakfast.)

Business, Innovation & Mobile Trends

Type: Meetings – Convention
Network: Global

Date: Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Time: 9:00am – 12:10pm
Location: Granger Bay Restaurant

Business Conference 2020 for Business leaders, Entrepreneurs    and upcoming business men and women 31st of March breakfast will be served at the Granger Bay hotel. Ticket price: R250


We’ll be hosting
Marlon Parker, Dave Duarte, as well as a representative from Rlabs and more. . .

Marlon Parker is a Social Entrepreneur, Web and mobile enthusiast, who use technology to empower communities, Educator. For more

Dave Duarte is an internet and mobile media educator and entrepreneur. He holds several senior positions in the academic, commercial, and non-profit sectors. He is Managing Director at Huddlemind. The company consults to numerous multinational corporations… for more
The Reconstructed Living Lab – is one of ten in South Africa, and the first one in the Western Cape. The project has grown out of collaboration between Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), a community organisation Impact Direct Ministries (IDM), and the Bridgetown Civic Organisation. It has features that are unique in living labs as it is community led and is based in a social deprived area in Cape Town…for more

Drug Advice and Support Session In Progress

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DSCN0375 by you.
Drug Advice and Support (DAS) has now been running for more than 2 years. Over a million messages has already been sent on and over our service. On DAS we offer advice to people abusing and people affected by drugs. Here are some of the counselors hard at work and offering their time to help others.
Salute  to all the guys and to their families that allow and release these men do this work and help others that are destitute out there.
All glory to God for giving us the ability to do this work.It is only by His grace.